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Range for professional / commercial marine applications.
The CERDIESEL is able to provide the current range of FPT Industrial marine engines ranging from 85 to 520 hp, with the families of 530-F1 C engines, family NEF and CURSOR and also the spare parts of both the current versions as of previous versions.
The range of FPT marine engines was specifically developed for professional applications and is characterizedby sturdy design and functional layout that ensure reliability and durability. The compactness of the products offered enables continuous and efficient operation, which is associated with low operating costs, much longer maintenance intervals and a drastic reduction in consumption.
Thanks to the high performance and high torque at low engine speeds, optimization of injection control, the boats are even more efficient also in the most challenging sailing conditions without compromising the long engine life cycle and are ideals for various applications, such as:
fishing boats, ferries, tugs, passenger vessels, dredgers, board auxiliary groups, patrol boats, boats for port services, boats for ecology. etc etc

Range for marine applications Pleasure.
CERDIESEL with his vast experience in the pleasure boating applications, gained from collaborations with major shipyards in the development sector of matching engine / boat, offers with FPT Industrial engines, series S30 / F1C NEF and CURSOR a full range of homogeneous products for quality and features.
The competitive performance shared by all engines, guaranteed by high specific power at low engine speeds, are associated with the drastic reduction of noise and vibration, for a spirited, yet comfortable navigation. Low exhaust emissions and noise emissions is guaranteed, without affecting performance or sailing pleasure.
The FPT Industrial experience in research and development has allowed to create a compact light design with low volume I power and power / weight, which allow a simpler installation of the engine and better performance of the hulls on which it is mounted.

The MITSUBISHI marine engines that CERDIESEL distributes also with the supply of spare parts and technical assistance service, are engines designed with design criteria to provide lasting performance, torque, cheapness in really major consumption.
Engines are ideal for every commercial and professional marine application.
To meet the needs of low fuel consumption, despite the injection fuel management is mechanical, the engines have been designed with a high thermal efficiency due to the turbulence of the combustion chambers and injection pumps pumping and turbochargers built directly from MITSUBISHI.
These engines are designed for the reliability and duration.
Another prerogative of MITSUBISHI engines is the simplicity of construction and maintenance; the engines are all individual newspapers and 4 valves for cylinder, the engine oil cooler is cooled with freshwater and placed directly inside the monoblock with its cover for the maintenance, as is true for the inspection doors connecting rods and bearings on the engine block.
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